Andreea Chiriac Architecte DFAB

“We must create architectural spaces in which it is possible to arouse-as much as it is through poetry and music-surprise, discovery, intellectual stimulation, peace and the joy of living”… said one day the huge architect Tadao Ando.


/ / Collective of five apartments in Dinguy en Vuache, Ain
• Rearrangement of an old farm into a collective of five apartments;
• Rearrangement of an old building into a spacious collective building on three levels;
• Detail of the staircase of the common parts of the Dingy en Vuache collective;
• Creation of a T2 in an old farmhouse as well as four other spacious apartments.
The idea was simple and contemporary: to transform an old farm, with its huge shed and tiny house, into 5 spacious apartments, gathered in a modern collective building, all in a rural setting.
An architectural reflection began coupled with a structural study that first led to a Building Permit and then to a construction site that lasted a year of hard work. However, the result was worth it. The large terraces that open generously to the surrounding landscape, the bright apartments, the functional common areas, the gravel wine cellars on the ground today give character to this building that is reviving today.