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“We must create architectural spaces in which it is possible to arouse-as much as it is through poetry and music-surprise, discovery, intellectual stimulation, peace and the joy of living”… said one day the huge architect Tadao Ando.


Architecture Services


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New houses

Building his house. Having to manage the legal aspects, his dreams, those of his spouse and his children, all while managing to stay within the budget, it was a challenge. Our mission consists in facilitating the process as much as possible by advising you, proposing, negotiating for you, drawing and organizing, while helping you keep mastering of your architectural choices, of the contracting companies you choose to work with and of the budget you wish to allocate to the project.

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Transforming an old farmhouse into a modern home, assesing it's potential, imagining the transformations needed to meet your requirements, bringing out the historic details, here are just a few of the aspects of my renovation mission.

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Public buildings

The afterschool center in Genissiat is a space designed for the little ones.
The access catches the eye inviting you in, the entrance hallway has ergonomic furniture, the openings at ground level allow for the light to enter and flood the play area carpets, and the large activities floor can be devided in multiple smaller spaces due to a moving wall.
The management office located in the middle of the dwelling, with window walls all arround it, allows for a continuous supervision of all activities in the afterschool center.

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House extensions

To listen, to evaluate the needs, to imagine solutions and adapt them to the urban constraints, make it become reality - this is our challenge, over and over again, with every new project.

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I take the opportunity to thank Mr Giroux and mr Pichon, architects, the first who trusted in me when I doubted myself about my abilities. At their side I learned what the architecture school forgot to teach me: the construction site, the contractors, the customer... almost the essentials..
I owe to them ( and to everbody else working in that agency at that time ) learning how to organize my architect office, and that is worth a big reward..
Many thanks also to MR Franck Monestier, draftman, who took the patience to guide me through the use of Archicad.

Other architectural services

Building permit & administration approvals

Our mission can also simply include the creation of your project and the completion of the administrative requirements related to building permitting. Here is an example of a building permit ( you will find the house, at this time allready built, in the portfolio)