Andreea Chiriac Architecte DFAB

“We must create architectural spaces in which it is possible to arouse-as much as it is through poetry and music-surprise, discovery, intellectual stimulation, peace and the joy of living”… said one day the huge architect Tadao Ando.


/ / 15th century old farm, Grilly, Pais de Gex

Rearrangement of an old farm from the 15th century into a luxurious villa surrounded by a garden;

Detail of the attic converted into a games room;

Detail of a flight of steps highlighted by a glass wall.

The approach taken for this project which consisted, from the first pencil stroke during the design phase and until the end of the site, was simple: keep a maximum of constructive or decorative elements as so many witnesses of history building while transforming and adapting spaces to the demands of our present.
The constraints were multiple: constructive (reinforcements of the existing structure were necessary), human (the evolution of human size did not make it easier for us) or cyclical (due to the consequences of the COVID pandemic). Thanks to an excellent architect-client collaboration, the project succeeded and the result was up to expectations.